Our hometown pick for NMUSD

There’s never been a more compelling time for respected, responsible leadership in our NMUSD schools. In the CdM area, we have the choice between a political climber who is connected to a group that has attacked our student organizations, our teachers and even our parents – or a long-time parent leader who is respected in our community for her years of selfless volunteerism and for her commitment to being a positive voice for students and parents.

Lisa Pearson knows education, knows leadership and knows our community because she has lived here for 30 years. Her endorsements are from local parents, business leaders, community leaders and the Newport Beach Police Association. These groups are vested in our schools and only want them to improve, and our dedicated police officers know who can be tasked to prioritize school safety.

Our years volunteering at Corona del Mar High School on the Boosters, Foundation and PTA, alongside Lisa, showed us what servant leadership looks like. No other candidate in her race has the depth nor the experience that matches her exceptional integrity, her ceaseless dedication to her community and her tireless commitment to educational excellence. She has worked collaboratively with teachers, staff and fellow parents. On campus, Lisa mentored younger moms who were serving for the first time, and she gained the students’ affection on campus.

An elected official is held to a much greater standard of accountability and public trust.

This is not achieved by gaining political favors or hiding behind online provocateurs and bullies. It is built by leading thoughtfully and without seeking favors. It is built by years of caring for our kids and our schools. Only one candidate in Trustee Area 4 can be that committed steward of students and be that positive voice for parents. Please vote for Lisa Pearson for School Board in Trustee Area 4.

Liz & Ray Kennedy
Carol & Gary Crane
Cosy & Bob Ctvrtlik
Colleen & Tony Premer
Kelly & Jim Neiger
Dana & Steve Neiger
Tina & Tom Neiger
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