Mama’s boy gives an endorsement that is heartfelt

TJ headshot Aug(Stu News, 10/21/22) You know, I’m getting to be a sucker in my old age. It happened again yesterday. I received a Letter to the Editor. Now mind you, we receive numerous letters to the editor. So, what made this one different?

Most of them simply complain about a candidate or candidates or an issue, while others take a different tact and praise the candidates or issues; then there are those that attack, not just the candidate or issue, but those behind them; and, well, the list goes on and on.

But this letter yesterday was different. It wasn’t from someone who just knowns the candidate or have heard them speak and liked a message. It wasn’t from a neighbor who’s been told to vote a certain way and now has totally bought into the idea. It wasn’t from someone who has served alongside a candidate on a different board or commission within the community.

No, this one was different.

Sure, this one talked in glowing terms about a specific candidate. About the lifelong accomplishments of the candidate; about how proud they were of their candidate’s beliefs and, not only the successes they’ve had in their own life, but also the impact the candidate has had on others and, too, on the letter writer’s.

So, what made it different? This one was penned by the candidate’s son, and it came from the heart.

It made me believe more than I already did.

Lisa Pearson, sure you’re running for District 4 on the Newport-Mesa Unified School Board of Education…but you’re already a winner in anyone’s book by raising a son who obviously loves you as much as Maxwell (or Max as he’s probably better known) does.

And believe this “sucker,” there’s nothing better than that!

I encourage you to read the letter in today’s Letters to the Editor section.