Our hometown pick for NMUSD

There’s never been a more compelling time for respected, responsible leadership in our NMUSD schools. In the CdM area, we have the choice between a political climber who is connected to a group that has attacked our student organizations, our teachers and even our...

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Mama’s boy gives an endorsement that is heartfelt

(Stu News, 10/21/22) You know, I’m getting to be a sucker in my old age. It happened again yesterday. I received a Letter to the Editor. Now mind you, we receive numerous letters to the editor. So, what made this one different? Most of them simply complain about a...

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Lisa Pearson for NMUSD Area 4

One question before voters shortly will be who will take Karen Yelsey’s place on the NMUSD School Board Area 4. Over her tenure on the board, Karen has been an engaged, dedicated and fearless leader for our schools and our community. We need to elect a person who,...

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